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Is Fake News a Fake Term?
CEPA Warsaw hosted Edward Lucas, CEPA senior vicepresident, for a media roundtable discussion on fake news, an increasingly common infowar technique in the Polish media space. 
In the age of on-demand news, it is crucial for media to not fall for the Kremlin's disinfo traps. But how can organizations always differentiate between what is true and what is not in the fast-paced 24-hour news cycle?
Participants focused on how the age of information is fast becoming the age of disinformation. Computational propaganda techniques have amplified the Kremlin’s ability to interfere, disrupt, and manipulate Western values and democratic institutions. Journalists workshopped how to better identify false stories and trolls before they go viral, how to strengthen digital resiliency, and considered the do’s, don’ts, and dangers of the disinformation age.