Russian Information Warfare In Lithuania: Beyond conventional wisdom

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    CEPA held a seminar with Senior Fellow and Baltic-American Freedom Foundation Security Research Scholar Marius Laurinavičius on Russian information warfare in Lithuania. The event focused on the complexities of Russian disinformation in the Baltic region and provided insights into how it can be challenged.

    The Baltic States are anticipated to be the next hot spot for Russian information warfare. Home to Russian minority populations, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have a substantial Russian media presence that has long-targeted Russian-speaking audiences with false narratives and propaganda. Today, however, Russian disinformation tactics in the Baltic region have become more complex. Beyond conventional wisdom, the Baltic region’s Russian minority may not be the only target of Moscow’s disinformation campaigns. What are Russian disinformation tactics in the Baltic States? How have the responses of regional governments fared so far and what can be done to strengthen them? What lessons can U.S. policymakers learn for creating a more effective transatlantic counter-strategy?