Winning the New Information War in Europe's East

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CEPA hosted a roundtable discussion with Senior Adjunct Fellow Anne Applebaum entitled “Winning the New Information War in Europe's East.”

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) is at the forefront of Russia’s information war against the West. It is in this region that Moscow is utilizing highly sophisticated, country-tailored tools and techniques that have fractured long-standing public support of Euro-Atlantic values and regional stability. At the same time, these countries understand Russia’s disinformation methods best. Each country’s experience in fighting against information warfare offers unique and successful responses that could help inform the development of a sturdier Western counter-strategy. A year into the Ukraine war, are the United States and Europe better positioned to combat this emerging threat to frontline NATO states? What have we learned about countering disinformation from our CEE allies? How can transatlantic efforts on this issue be strengthened to ultimately win the information war?