Taking Action: The Next Steps for Defying Russian Disinformation

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The United States Institute of Peace (USIP) hosted CEPA for a discussion on Russian information warfare entitled “Taking Action: The Next Steps for Defying Russian Disinformation.” The event was moderated by Ambassador William B. Taylor, executive vice president at USIP and featured insight from CEPA senior adjunct fellow Anne Applebaum.

The event focused on how best to address the threat of Russian disinformation. Russia is waging a sophisticated and effective disinformation campaign against the West. This is more visible in the countries of post-communist Europe, but also apparent further afield, as the Russian government hijacks its own people’s narratives at home and seeks to undermine U.S. and European values and institutions. The United States and Europe have lagged dangerously in countering Moscow’s anti-Western messaging. The result exacerbates the broader region’s tensions and instability, risking further outbreaks of violent conflict. At stake is the future of European security, including within Russia, and the influence of America worldwide.