Do’s, Don’ts & Dangers in the Information Age

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The conversation was moderated by Peter B. Doran, CEPA Executive Vice President and featured insight from Edward Lucas, CEPA Vice President, Jānis Sārts, Director, NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence and Rolf Fredheim, Data Analyst, Technical and Scientific Development Branch, NATO Strategic Communications Center of Excellence.

In today’s information space, spreading fake news is as easy as a ‘Like,’ ‘Tweet’ or ‘Share.’ While the concept of disinformation and state-sponsored propaganda is still new to many Americans, it is all too familiar to U.S. allies on NATO’s frontline, where the Kremlin has field-tested subversive techniques for decades. How can press officers and strategic communications practitioners spot false stories and identify trolls or “bot” techniques in social media? What are the emerging do’s, don’t and dangers of the information age? 

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