Building disinformation resiliency in Lithuania

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On November 11th, 50 local and regional Lithuanian media representatives discussed the role of journalists in building societal resilience to Kremlin disinformation and propaganda with CEPA Adjunct Fellow Dalia Bankauskaite.
Editors and journalists from TV, radio, online, and print news media outlets considered disinformation cases and Russia’s multi-level and multi-channel character of disinformation campaigns in Lithuania and abroad during an event in Kaunas, Lithuania. Media representatives also shared their experience and insights into how the Kremlin targets Lithuanian citizens and what segments of Lithuanian society are most vulnerable to Kremlin messaging.
Participants agreed that as local media is more widely trusted than other sources,  are uniquely situated to engage audiences to boost media literacy and critical thinking. This was seen as especially important for Lithuania's youth, for which social media and "new" multimedia techniques were highlighted as the most effective engagement platforms. Lithuanian media participants also stressed the need for a more coordinated and strategic communication at both the national international levels to better inform their audiences about Russian disinformation.