Defending the Information Space in North Central Europe - Fortifying Against Russian Propaganda

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CEPA hosted an experts seminar in Warsaw on Russian disinformation operations in Poland and the Baltic States. The event, moderated by CEPA Senior Fellow Corina Rebegea, considered disinformation techniques used in North Central Europe and ways to push back. The seminar brought together journalists, communications experts, and government representatives from Poland and the Baltic States.

The first panel, Understanding the information battleground, identified that Russian disinformation operations in CEE are sophisticated and aggressive. The Kremlin has field-tested multiples subversive techniques for undermining the credibility of Western institutions, dividing, and reshaping public opinion. A favorite Kremlin approach in the region uses cluster narratives and manipulation of emotions and instincts. The discussion considered: how effective are these weapons and what can Russia’s neighbors do to protect themselves and fight back; and can there be a common, regional approach to combatting Russian-led disinformation?

The second panel, Confronting Moscow’s digital army, focused on how the age of information is fast becoming the age of disinformation. Computational propaganda techniques have amplified the Kremlin’s ability to interfere, disrupt, and manipulate Western values and democratic institutions. Panelists brainstormed how media and strategic communications professionals can spot false stories and identify trolls or “bot” techniques in social media, how to build digital resilience, and what are the do’s, don’ts, and dangers of the disinformation age.