Poland - 22-28 February 2016

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  • Analiza 22-28 lutego 2016  Ten artykuł jest dostępny w języku polskim

22 February 2016 

The Polish Radio Information Agency (Polish: IAR) presented the following news item: “Russian Army does not have to worry about money”. On the website “Polish Radio” (Polish: Polskie Radio) the same news item was published with the caption: “Crisis bypasses Russian Army, Kremlin guarantees money for investments”.

The Russian army does not have to worry about money. Although due to the economic crisis the government of Dmitry Medvedev are preparing budgetary cuts, such cuts will not affect the military sector. As the agency Ria Novosti informs, soldiers will receive not only new weapons, but also the “new generation” army combat uniforms., – IAR states.

The information published by IAR was based on the communications of the agency RIA Novosti:

That agency informs about 1000 new “Ratnik” uniforms, which have been handed over to the military units in the North Caucasus and about new deliveries of the military equipment for the navy, air force etc.

However, no news item of RIA-Novosti contains a statement that the budgetary cuts will not affect the financing of the Russian army. What is more, on 19 February 2016 the Russian newspaper Vedomosti, citing its sources, wrote that the expenses for the army would be diminished by 5 percent in 2016. On the same day, in the evening, on the website of the Russian newspaper “Trud” there appeared a piece of information bearing the following title: “There will be enough money for missiles and tanks, for the air force – not. Russia reduces its military spending”: 

Here, the information about the budgetary cuts for the army is confirmed by the Russian Deputy Minister of Defence, Tatiana Shevtzova.

The information from RIA-novosti about the new types of military equipment, which information appeared following the media communications about the planned budgetary cuts, had a clear objective: to create a conviction about the good shape of the finances of the Russian armed forces and, in a way, to eclipse the earlier information about the budgetary cuts. In the case of IAR the Russian Ministry of Defence has reached its goal. The statement of IAR that the budgetary cuts will not affect the Russian military sector is not true and the Polish agency has been manipulated by the Russian propaganda.

27 February 2016 

On the website there appeared an article entitled: “Experts: NATO in the confrontation with Russia would not stand any chance of winning”. 

The source of the news item about the report of the Atlantic Council is the following text published in the Financial Times

However, the website does not cite that source. Instead, it prefers to translate the communication from the Russian television station “RT, which communication appeared after the publishing of the information by the Financial Times.

The website, following the news item broadcast by the RT TV station, manipulates the said information by claiming that: “the European countries belonging to NATO are unable to wage a war against Russia – that is what the experts from the think tank “Atlantic Council”, seated in the USA, stated in their report published last Friday, with reference to the tensions between Moscow and NATO over the Ukrainian crisis”.

In the report of the Atlantic Council there is no statement that in the case of a conflict with Russia NATO does not stand a chance of being victorious. The report is however critical of the capacity of the alliance to defend the Eastern borders of its member states. Thus, the RT TV station, and then the website, publish manipulated information about the report issued by the Atlantic Council. The purpose of that manipulation is to spread defeatism and to convince the public opinion about the weakness of the West in the face of a possible conflict with Russia.