Poland - 1 to 10 January 2016

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  • Analiza 1-10 stycznia 2016  Ten artykuł jest dostępny w języku polskim
4 January 2016

The portal published a news item entitled: „Inhabitants of a Ukrainian town ask Putin for gas”.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin asked the officials to reflect on the possibility of delivering gas to Ukraine, to the town of Genichesk in the Kherson Region. Allegedly, he had been asked for that by the mayor of that town – the portal informs.

The said piece of news was drafted on the basis of a report from the Russian News Agency TASS.

However, the information received from the Russian Agency was contradicted both by the Ukrainian media ( and, partly, by some Russian media (

The mayor of the town, Alexander Tulupov, denied having contacted Vladimir Putin. Besides, it is not Russian gas which is delivered from Crimea to Genichesk, but it is Ukrainian gas, stored in Crimea, as it was the practice during the time in which the peninsula was controlled by Ukraine.

The information about the request of the inhabitants of Genichesk to Putin and about the declaration of the Russian President to positively respond to that request seems to be a news item created on purpose in order to demonstrate Russia’s humanitarian attitude towards the Ukrainians in the light of the conflict with Ukraine concerning the deliveries of electricity to Crimea and it may be a part of the information war conducted by Russia.

5 January 2016 

The situation in Genichesk was described exactly from that perspective by the Russian television network “Piervyi Kanal” in the news programme at 18:00 (Moscow Time) and in the main edition of the news programme on the same channel. The message was: “Crimea, which Ukraine abandoned without electricity, shares gas with it”.

The information contradicting the news item about the appeal of the mayor of Genichesk was not published on the portal

3 January 2016 

On the portal Polmedia there appeared an article entitled: “The Russians do not consider the Poles as enemies? They are our Slav brothers” ( and on 6 January 2016 the same material was also published on the website „Wierni Polsce suwerennej”.


The article tells the reader about a survey or even surveys which allegedly demonstrate that, irrespective of the political differences between Poland and Russia, the Russians display a positive attitude towards the Poles and treat them as their brothers. Such a piece of information was to arouse sympathy for the Russians in the Poles, irrespective of the political differences which divided Poland and Russia. The article is a reprint of the news item which was broadcast by the Polish Radio Information Agency (IAR)... on 9 September 2014. Its author is a correspondent of IAR in Moscow.

The material from IAR does not fulfil any criteria of reliable information. It does not have a source, we do not know who and when conducted the said survey or surveys, it is even unknown what the results of the survey(s) were, as in the quoted piece of information no figures were provided. Instead, we only have the opinions of the author of the article about the Russians’ considering the Poles as brothers and admiring the Polish culture.