Poland: 13-19 June 2016

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Object of manipulation: web portal “Nam zależy” (English: “We Care”)

Date: 16 June 2016

Title: Savchenko wants amnesty for pro-Russian separatists

Author: unknown

Source of manipulation: Russian state-owned agency “RIA-Novosti

Date: 10 June 2016

Title: Savchenko declares that she supports amnesty for the veterans of Donbass

Author: unknown

Nadiya Savchenko, who recently left a Russian prison and returned to Ukraine, wants amnesty for the Russian separatists. The Ukrainian points out that, undoubtedly, in the ranks of the army of rebels there are kids who joined such forces in order to “have some fun shooting” – reports the Polish website “Nam zależy” (English: “We Care”).

The statement of Nadiya Savchenko in which her views on the amnesty are expressed comes from the interview granted by her to a Ukrainian volunteer, Olena Bilozerska, and posted on Youtube. However, the Russian media, which broadly informed about the alleged support of Savchenko for the amnesty, distorted her statement by taking it out of the context.

– Do you agree that, after they have laid down their arms, that is, after our victory, absolutely everyone who have fought against Ukraine, apart from the leaders such as Zakharenko and apart from those who have committed war crimes – should be granted amnesty? – asked Bilozerska.

Then we have Savchenko’s response, which is quoted by the Russian media and also by the web portal “Nam zależy”. However, the context – the amnesty after laying down the arms by the separatists and after the complete victory of Ukraine – is overlooked by them.

The statement is taken out of the context and presented in a form which is more convenient from the perspective of the Russian vision of solving of the conflict in Eastern Ukraine, namely it suggests that Kiev should declare amnesty for the pro-Russian separatists and reach an agreement with them.

The Ukrainian and, to a smaller extent, the Western public opinion.

A distorted content of the statement of Nadiya Savchenko, who has recently been released from a Russian prison and who in the course of the imprisonment did not break and became a popular figure in Ukraine, is being used to spread pacifist and conciliatory views in Ukraine. The manner of influencing the audience is the following: if someone like Savchenko appeals for concessions (the amnesty), it may be worth seriously considering the relaxation of the policy towards the separatists.