ANNOUNCEMENT: You can find the new home of CEPA's StratCom Program here.


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CEPA's StratCom Program is an innovative, on-the-ground effort to monitor, collate, analyze, rebut and expose Russian disinformation in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). Led by CEPA Senior Vice President Edward Lucas and CEPA Senior Adjunct Fellow Donald N. Jensen, the program aims to assist policymakers in advancing transatlantic efforts to develop a comprehensive and effective strategy to counter Russian disinformation in the CEE region.

The program brings together leading journalists, activists and media analysts from Europe’s frontline states and utilizes their expertise to develop an analytical toolkit for effectively dealing with Russian disinformation at the institutional, strategic and conceptual levels. Program activities include practitioner workshops; regular monitoring of country-specific applications of Russian disinformation content and techniques and the effectiveness or weakness of propaganda; the development of an StratCom Web Portal for centralizing data and analytical inputs on disinformation in the CEE region; policy engagement through the convening of policy briefings; and the production of actionable policy recommendations for defending against and defeating Russian efforts.